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  Made on The Sunshine Coast | Soy Wax | Cotton Wicks | Premium Fragrance Oils


Always burn candle within sight

Do not move lit candle or touch flame

Keep out of reach from children & pets

Keep away from flammable materials

Always use on a flat, stable & heat resistant surface

Do not cover candle when in use

No longer use when less than 10-20mm wax is left or 5mm (tea lights)

Do not use near fans, windows & air currents

Do not put out flame with water or the lid

Extinguish candle before going to sleep

Always trim your wick prior to each use

Do not touch the melted wax

Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time



Rosayro & Co Candles logo

Candle Care

Always trim the wick to roughly 6mm before use (we recommend a wick trimmer) This will ensure a cleaner burn and deter wick mushrooming.

To prevent your candle from tunnelling, burn for the 1st time between 3-4 hours (270g jar) & 2-3 hours (190g jar) to allow the melted wax to reach the jar edge.

After the 1st burn, do not burn your candle for more than 4 hours as this can cause the wick to fall into the melted wax.

If there is any soot on the edge of your jar. Remove with a paper towel when candle is not lit.

Discontinue use once the wax in the bottom reaches less than 10-20mm.

Ensure your lid is on when the candle is not in use. This will protect the wax & fragrance.

Try and keep your candle in a cool place.

Extinguish the candle if it smokes or the flame is too high. Let the candle cool & trim the wick.