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  Made on The Sunshine Coast | Soy Wax | Cotton Wicks | Premium Fragrance Oils

 Our Story

We handcraft scented candles that are inspired by the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ Sri Lanka.

The company’s creator Tahani, was born to Sri Lankan parents, her father from Kandy and mother from Colombo. She grew up in London and Melbourne and now resides in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

After travelling to Sri Lanka, she was amazed at how abundant the island is in natural beauty, stunning colours and beautiful aromas.

Having a passion for fragrance and an appreciation of how effective it can be to mood and emotions as well as its ability to evoke memories, she wanted to combine this with her heritage. She also wanted to create something which could be shared, related to, and enjoyed by others.

Rosayro & Co Candles is a result of this idea and celebrates the beautiful aromas and vibrant colours of Sri Lanka with its many spices, herbs, tropical fruits, exotic flowers, lush gardens, marine life, precious stones, and coastal luxury.

As we are growing as a business, so are our inspirations and ideas. As such, we are now creating candles to ignite memories of travels to other tropical and exotic parts of the world but still remaining focused on the beauty of island life.

Hopefully these candles will take you on a sensory journey to Sri Lanka or other places of natural beauty, maybe inspire you to visit, or perhaps illuminate your ‘’Memories’’ මතකයන් of time spent there.